​1. All franchises = two/13 member, male+ female teams, called, the:NO JUMP and JUMP TEAMS
2. Minimum Founders player age = 40yrs. NON SMOKERS ONLY. NON SMOKERS ONLY. 
    New-Bees teams = 20 to 39yrs. NON SMOKERS ONLY. NON SMOKERS ONLY. NO SMOKE.
3. Two partially disabled players, per team.
4. All games, will be double headers. Overtime policies, to be determined.
5. Four and five point shots and a possible, ten point play.
6. Re-steal and no-dribble points.
7. FOUR, different MODES of play, each game.
8. TWO BALL = 2 balls, in play, at the same time. When infractions=those 2 players leave court.
9. Full game instant replay. 65+ games, 8 preseason, + playoffs and owner support games. 
10. The league founder, reserves the right, to switch to, standard contract financials, if needed.
11. No over and back at mid court and no defensive lane violations,
13. Traveling violations strictly enforced. Reasonable taunting, is allowed.
14. Two handed defending is back. Fewest back to back games.
15. First foul shot= under hand, 2nd with opposite hand, 3rd. regular shot. Permanent series.
16. If score is 97 to 85, the score board will read: 12 to 0.
17. Players, must share equal time, when ever possible.
​18. On ALL, Newbees teams, at least ONE, M+F player, MUST BE, AT LEAST 35 YRS. OLD.
19. No ticky tack or trivial fouls. Referees can stop play, without making a specific call, if unsure.
      Can go to the videos and determine the infractions, from there. If none found, none called.
20. On two thru five point fouls, three thru six, foul shots, will be awarded.
21. One play review, per quarter, per team. Two additional fouls, with overtimes.
22. Former, over 40, NBA AND WNBA players, can play, as guests, in FOUNDERS league.
      If agreed to, by NEW-BEES owners, under 40's, can play, as well.
23. 50% head coaches/GM's, must be, female. 
      Min. one male + one female, coach, each team.
24. Official members of teams, that fail, before, season opening, can transfer to other teams.
25. Jump balls + mobile players = mobile player or shortest non mobile player, on floor.
26. All cheer leaders, must be min. age 50, in Founders LEAGUES, not NEW-BEES LEAGUES. 
27. Bonuses and incentives, EARNED ONLY, and awarded, at seasons, END.
28. Kicking ball ok, to continue play, when unable, to pick up, by hand.
29. If called to an NBA try out, no time or income will be lost.
30. The longevity cap is currently, 7yrs, to allow MORE, people, a pro-basketball, experience.
31. One, Predictive Analytics, assistant coach, per franchise.
32. NFT. No foul turnover,  as in, over the back, minor, would be fouls, etc.
33. No offensive, basket interference. When ball in cylinder, points to shooter.
34. Rotating free throw attempts, regular free throws or 2 shots from 3 point line, for, 4 points.
35. Late infraction reviews allowed, before, ball passes half court.

38. ALL, COMBAT VETS. and VETERANS, will have, priority.
39. EM. players, claiming, suspicious injuries, will forfeit, ALL, future, opportunities.
40. The coaches can refuse any, EM. player, deemed unfit.
41.  Equity Sharing, similar to the NBA.


44. No, Kick ball, calls. During shot blocking attempts, if defender, gets, ALL BALL, and ball is away
      NO FOUL, will be called, as long as defender shows intentions to avoid body contact.
45. When faking a defensive player into the air, then moving under, he or she = offensive foul.
46. All play-off series are 7 games. Winner of game 7, moves on. If a four game sweep or streak,
      happens and the sweeping team loses game 7, they earn a game eight.
47. No offensive or defensive awards. Only, TWO way, players. Double Doubles and Triple doubles.
      Points and assists = ONE category = 19/7. Second part = rebounds. Third = combo of steals,
      blocks and altered shots or near blocks  = 2/3/5.

48. OUR FANS WILL PLAY. One male and one female fan will be drawn, to play one
      quarter or more, of, pro basketball, in front of 18,000 friends and TV. They must be 
      in top condition and know all the nojump rules plus have submitted medical
      clearance forms. Called: E.M. players, = EMERGENCY MEMBER PLAYERS. All
      coaching of E.M. players will be done by their, TEAM MATES. Indemnifications signed.

 E.M. players, will receive:
  1. A $check$, for their professional salary. Possibly $100.00 
  2. Keep game uniforms and a team picture.
  3. Eligible for = TEN DAY AGREEMENTS. Must have, their own, small business. E.M. players
      can accept, multiple, ten day agreements, from, ANY, team. To become permanent, player
      must move to and reside in, the State and city, of interested team.